Most Frequently Asked Questions

Our 4 Our main goals

Protecting People Online From Hacking

Provide Advice to People In a Simple Way

Define the main types of attacks and malicious viruses

Teaching people through online courses

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What Is MdhalaHat?

Mdhalahat is a web site who can help you to protect yourself online and protect your accounts from hacking in simple and easy ways.

What’s Mean Mdhala?

It’s a traditional Tunisian hat made of fronds that is worn to protect from the sun.

How Can I Use It?

So easy, visit our web site
Or download MdhalaHat Mobile.

What is MdhalaLearn?

MdhalaLearn is a site belonging to our site that offers courses in the field of cybersecurity and ethical hacking.
Visit MdhalaLearn

What is MdhalaHat Mobile?

MdhalaHat mobile is an android application that can help you to use mdhalahat easily.
Download MdhalaHat Mobile


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